About The Founder

Having been trained by some of the very best people in the world and developed much of her own methodology born out of personal and professional experience, Dr Em has worked with a variety of people from all different backgrounds including sports people, celebrities, military and security personnel, people from the corporate world and Financial Trading industry, as well as people who have been suffering from some of life’s most harrowing blows, conditions or challenges.

Em has also seen people in desperate need through her private self-funded charity division when such people have been let down by the NHS mental health care and left in a state of crisis.

No matter what area of work Em may be engaged with; training, consulting, writing, conducting research or developing business projects, she always remains fully committed to genuinely giving everything her full dedication, often known for going above and beyond to help others.

Flexible in nature, whatever context presents itself, Dr Em has a vast experience in working with a host of challenges or topics that she will apply herself to, to always ensure a positive resolution; Often thinking differently, for different results.

When not in practice, Em can be found training government departments, public organisations or private companies in the Middle-East , throughout the UK or providing on-line courses to the public. And when not doing that, she will be working on other projects such as publishing, speaking events, meta-physical/clinical research or other distinct business ventures.

Whether working on personal or professional projects, Em and any of her team are exceptionally approachable, friendly and fun characters to interact with.

Dr Emma Mardlin
Consultant | Author | Researcher | Speaker