Our Approach

Quite simply,
As a practice we do what works, exclusive and tailored to you to get the best results you seek.

We focus on you as the individual or client rather than “the patient” or a set of symptoms, labels or specific condition.

We therefore refuse to get consumed in any specific therapy as we have an eclectic knowledge of how they all work, hence we utilise the very best elements of these combined with our individual expertise, techniques, approach and experience that will be best suited to your personality and individual requirements.

While we always adhere to high ethical standards, our highest priority is getting the best results to help you achieve whatever your goal or highest purpose in seeing us is, so we are not governed by the conventional rule book.

This means if you require on location visits (perhaps for reasons concerning your specific challenge, issues of discretion, convenience, being hospital/home bound or for any other reason), ad hoc hours, extended communication, emergency visits or any other flexible requirements to assist with getting you to where you want to be, it will never pose a problem.

A major premise of our approach is that “With the right mind-set, anything is possible! And as we practice what we preach, we have no boundaries in helping you to master getting exactly what you want, in the best way possible.”

If you have any further questions or you would like to gain any further insight in to our approach, please feel free to get in touch or take a look at our testimonials and hear what other people have to say.

I cannot rate Emma and John highly enough. Having been an OCD sufferer for a large part of my life, I feel I now have the tools to completely deal with this disorder. They are very caring and helpful individuals who have a way of making you see the truth in the sea of lies that is OCD.  They re-enforced my core beliefs in who I really am and have helped me to forgive other individuals and more importantly, myself, and finally close a door on the troubled part of my past.

SH Business Owner and Poetry Author