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There are times when we all face life challenges. From health concerns to experiencing trauma, depression, chronic anxiety or life apathy. Equally there are the times when we feel positively happy and ready to embrace change and thrust ourselves forward as we look to new and exciting ways to push our boundaries and explore more of what life has to offer.

So, whatever your personal or professional situation you’ve been drawn to the positive philosophy of The Pinnacle Practice. Our friendly and top dedicated experts are here to support you every step of the way in your journey, ensuring you get the ultimate results you seek – whatever they may be!

At The Pinnacle Practice we only ever see your infinite possibility and take great pleasure in helping you to implement this.

We see clients in our London or Nottingham clinic, as well as providing our on-location consultation service and Skype consultations for specific or international clients.





I was able to make great strides back to a happier future

After Eight years of my friend seeing professionals, TPP really did the trick. I can hardly believe the difference in my friend’s attitude and outlook on life.

I am now ecstatic to say I am on NO medication, doing really well in life and fulfilling a career I always wanted to do but couldn’t before. Em and John saved mine and my family’s life.!

So much was I impressed that I recommended TPP to my partner and also our friend all who had complex problems

Dr Emma managed to walk me through my personal problems of self confidence and trust, allowing me to get ready for my new chapter which was marriage.

In a short time I built up my confidence and self love with her guidance and tools. My partner and I worked with Dr Emma for couples therapy as well and this was sincerely a breakthrough. We’re communicating and understanding each other better than ever now thanks to her guidance.

Thank you for all your hard work and support.

Having experienced life at my lowest ebb to the extent I was ready to end it all, I can say 100 per cent TPP made an enormous difference

From been fearful and dreading this, John and Em worked with me for a couple of hours and I felt great afterwards

From being told since childhood I’d always be on antidepressants to now being medication-free, I’m a happy, healthy and successful 23-year-old. Thank you so much