Dr Emma managed to walk me through my personal problems of self confidence and trust, allowing me to get ready for my new chapter which was marriage.

In a short time I built up my confidence and self love with her guidance and tools. My partner and I worked with Dr Emma for couples therapy as well and this was sincerely a breakthrough. We’re communicating and understanding each other better than ever now thanks to her guidance.

Thank you for all your hard work and support.


My NHS mental health team got in touch with The Pinnacle Practice (as a private practice on my behalf) to see if anyone could see me and help because I was at a crisis point, having attempted suicide several times, suffering from major traumas in my life, anorexia, audio and visual hallucinations and severe clinical depression. I couldn’t talk to anyone and was just sobbing as my NHS team said they didn’t know what else to do with me. I was on so much medication and I had been further told in a so-called recovery group that “I would always be depressed and on medication, but I would learn how to cope with it”. I was mortified on top of everything else.

From Em initially insisting she speak to me herself and totally changing my life at that point to first seeing john face to face and making amazing strides like never before to then seeing both Em and John together when some very sensitive and intense core root work was required needing a male and female present, either Individually or together they are incredible at what they do!

Despite a lifetime of seeing professionals no one has made such a difference to my life and thinking before.

After just several weeks I was making amazing changes to my life, feeling like the once confident, bubbly person I used to be. My three children and family were so happy too. I then reached the point I could begin reducing my medication accordingly as I had started to feel physically unwell and Em suggested in her experience this was quite possibly because of taking medication that had become superfluous to requirements, essentially taking medication for something I no longer had. After a long battle with my medical doctors over accepting this, I safely reduced my medication and I am now extremely ecstatic to say I am on NO medication!

I am perfectly happy and doing really well in life generally, fulfilling a career ambition that I had always wanted to peruse but never before had the confidence to do so.

I am eternally grateful to The Pinnacle Practice, Em and John saved mine and my family’s life. Whatever your problem, I can absolutely recommend both or either of them!

Sam, Emergency Services Personnel

I cannot rate Emma and John highly enough. Having been an OCD sufferer for a large part of my life, I feel I now have the tools to completely deal with this disorder. They are very caring and helpful individuals who have a way of making you see the truth in the sea of lies that is OCD.  They re-enforced my core beliefs in who I really am and have helped me to forgive other individuals and more importantly, myself, and finally close a door on the troubled part of my past.
Steve H, Business Owner and Poetry Author

I came to see both Em and John for my fear of public speaking as I had a presentation I had to do to get my promotion at work. From been fearful and dreading this, John and Em worked with me for a couple of hours and I felt great afterwards. On my presentation a few days later I actually did it, when previously I couldn’t talk to even 1 person when stood up! My feedback from my audience said it was fantastic! I therefore passed my course and I am now promoted. I’d like to thank you for your time and efforts and you gave me some fabulous skills to take with me into the future.

Thanks again

Paul, RAF Pilot and Officer

“Having suffered severe traumatic anxiety for the majority of my life, through seeing Dr Em in practice and applying everything in her book, I’ve learned how to step out of my comfort zone and seriously break boundaries to experience an amazing life that was once unimaginable. From being told since childhood I’d always be on antidepressants to now being medication-free, I’m a happy, healthy and successful 23-year-old. Thank yoso much, and a brilliant read encapsulating everything!”
Jasmine Doughty Civil Servant and Positive Change Advocate

I started seeing Em for psychotherapy in November 2010 and her warmth, compassion and friendliness was striking, she seemed to look inside my mind and get to the heart of my problems (social anxiety, trauma, pre-diabetes, etc.) in an amazing way. For sure she is a magician of the mind and worked wonders for my self-esteem with special techniques and understanding. I do see and experience life differently these days thanks to Em. So much was I impressed that I recommended Em and John to my partner and also our friend all who had complex problems. Thanks so much
Zoe R, Creative Arts Specialist

I was at a very low ebb in my life when i had the opportunity to see john, with his help and professional but friendship manner i was able to make great strides back to a happier future, I recommend anyone needing help in a variety of situations to see john and em at the Pinnacle Practice – Thank you so much
Kevin, charity worker

“I contacted Em at the Pinnacle Practice as I was desperately worried about a friend who was suffering from severe depression and health problems made worse by financial, emotional and practical issues such as unemployment, housing issues and a relationship breakup. Nothing seemed to help him and the problems had been with him for eight years – I was not sure what or who to turn to. But then he agreed to meet up with Em, as a one-off (having had negative experiences with most professionals before).

Em’s sensitive, highly perceptive, affirming approach combined with her professional experience and effective techniques for dealing with all types of psychological and personal issues have really done the trick. I can hardly believe the difference in my friend’s attitude and outlook on life.

Having seen my friend ‘stuck’ for so long, I can say that Em has done more to help in the last 12 months than anyone else could in the last 8 years. I expected some improvement, but I am amazed at the turn around – not only in his mental and physical health but also his practical circumstances, as Em has taken a truly rounded approach, providing advice, resources, and support to improve all areas of life – not treating him as a patient but as a person. I can wholeheartedly recommend Em’s services and commend her and John’s dedication to improving all aspects of people’s lives through such excellent support techniques”.

Annette Stewart, Cambridge, Editor

Having experienced life at my lowest ebb to the extent I was ready to end it all, I can say 100 per cent that Em made an enormous difference in the way I saw life in general. Without all her help, basically everything she’s put in her books and her natural manner to add a certain sense of humour and solution in even the darkest times, I would have been pushed over the edge. Thanks to all our work I’m a totally different person from that time and for sure out of my comfort zone, pushing new boundaries like you wouldn’t believe! Thank you so much Em.
Vincent Shay, Ex Military Personnel, Out Door Pursuits Trainer and Youth Leader

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