There’s really no need, so it’s high time to make positive change and see things differently…

Often when it comes to diabetes it can be pretty challenging to find much positivity or encouragement, hence it seldom gets a positive perspective (of much substance). This can understandably leave many people with the condition or those newly diagnosed feeling somewhat deflated and confused about things. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – when it comes to diabetes we can ditch any doom and gloom by changing our focus and taking a completely fresh, positive, and pro-active approach to diabetes.

This way we can achieve some very exciting results.

There’s actually so much we can do to stop diabetes (all types) and this is something we can take as far as we choose; from prevention and dramatically improving the condition to completely reversing it and getting rid. No matter how challenging or desperate things may seem at times, there’s always something positive we can do.

However, this all begins with the right positive mind-set and understanding the role of emotions in diabetes first, because if our mind-set is right the rest will successfully follow.

In this respect it’s like checking the mechanics of a car are all in good working order before going on a long journey, because if the engine isn’t in peak condition and it’s running on empty, we’re not likely to experience the best journey or even reach the intended destination. In fact, we’re likely to need the rescue services – and no one wants that!

With over 22yrs personal experience of living with type 1 diabetes and working professionally in the field of mind body medicine; I’ve seen first-hand how we can experience phenomenal change when it comes to using our mind to positively manipulate and successfully overcome diabetes.

Adopting a deep seated positive mind-set is pivotal when it comes to excellent diabetes health because it ultimately determines the results we get.

For example, if we feel down, stressed, bored, sad, fed up or any other negative emotion (all originating from negative thinking patterns about something), it’s a common reaction to reach for the comfort food, binge drink, smoke, not feel like doing anything or generally neglect ourselves in some other way. So whether this example happens on a very minor or major scale, it’s never going to help diabetes, never mind stop it.

If we take stress as a specific example, in this situation the brain releases a hormone called corticotrophin that ultimately causes the adrenal glands to release ‘cortisol’. This is a potent immune system suppressor that elevates blood pressure (no good for diabetes complications) and increases blood sugar -as it causes insulin resistance as well as cortisol and adrenaline (another stress hormone released) causing the liver to break down stored glucose (glycogen) and releases it into the blood stream as glucose. These are just two negative physical affects amongst many others associated with stress.

So in terms of ‘stopping’ diabetes it starts with developing a positive, healthy mind-set in order to prevent and deal with negative emotions in order to prevent the physical consequences. This then enables us to successfully implement other measures to stop diabetes further by removing and reversing the core root cause, and achieve the results we really want.

Here are just a few pointers to help ensure a positive mind-set

Be aware of your emotions and how they affect diabetes – Take action.

Having a positive mind-set doesn’t mean that we never experience negative thoughts or emotions, but it does mean we can be aware of them and take action to tackle them in the best way for much better results.

Get to the real root cause of any stress or negative emotion in your life that may be causing things to go astray. Work pro-actively to eliminate these and get the right support to successfully do this. It will make an enormous difference!

Focus on what you CAN DO and what you DO WANT.

Avoid focussing on what’s wrong and any superficial humdrum of diabetes, instead focus on what you can do about it. What you actually want to happen?

If we fully give something our energy, focus and attention, we attract more of this back to us. In this respect we get what we focus on, so if we keep this focus positive and pro-active we’ll get far better results.

For example, if we wholeheartedly focus on achieving excellent blood sugars, we’ll get this because all our energy and attention will be directed toward taking all the right steps to achieve this.

Conversely, if our focus is on feeling down about diabetes we’re more likely to lose interest or motivation in managing it well and ensue a negative spiral. Especially as our mind-set and negative emotions naturally have an enormous negative impact on blood sugars levels, this then makes diabetes management even more challenging, attracting even more negativity and challenges.

Champion your condition – refuse to be hijacked by it.

Always remember diabetes is a ‘condition’ not a person ‘a diabetic’!  If people have heart disease no one constantly refers to them as a ‘heart attack’ or any other permanent label, so diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma are no different – lose the ‘tic’ or it will be allowed to ‘stick’- you’re much more than your ‘condition’ so refuse to be consumed and defined by it.

Take control of diabetes and avoid it controlling you – taking personal responsibility will empower you to make your life how you want it to be – you’re still always in control and it’s your decision how things turn out. We’re only ever in control of our own minds so let nothing or no one stop you! You have the power to go for it and make your life as you really want it, because you can ????

Be a problem solver

Look to how you can see things differently in a positive light – how can you turn negatives on their head? What other solutions are out there? How else might you get around something? Can anyone else help? There is always more than one way of doing something, you just have to think outside the box and be flexible.

Find the right motivation and purpose

We all need motivation to do anything in life, but if it’s not compelling enough for us we’ll never get the results we’re really looking for. Find your personal purpose that is strong enough to give you the motivation you need.

Although these pointers only scratch the surface, adopting a strong positive mind-set enabling us to see, think, and manage things differently will enable us to take the necessary action to make positive change. Refuse to be hijacked by diabetes, know you can stop it, and go for it!

After all, you have all the resources right here to do just that, so what’s holding you back?