Aside from the predictability year on year, we’re generally bombarded with scare mongering tactics and cringe worthy (though sometimes good comedy value!), often ill-informed dramas depicting diabetes amidst the same old conventional rhetoric in documentaries and news items…

Not to mention the perpetual labelling of being a walking health condition as opposed to being a person, the automatic ‘vulnerable group’ status or just becoming a special case when it comes to food, party season, and living…

And if you’re not bored already, there’s the drilled in emphasis of ‘managing’ an arduous condition that requires the burden of a lifelong laboured routine of treatment – just in case those living with the condition 24/7 needed a bit of encouragement there!…

Yep it continues – The reported expediential crippling cost of diabetes to the NHS, the new (or not) ‘hope’ of a cure in conventional science, or mass groupie patronisation from the profoundly obsessed diabetic squad… ‘how to survive Halloween and the festive season when you’re a diabetic’ – just in case a kid might have been looking forward to their Halloween party or trick or treating this year, Or this that and the bloody other when YOU HAVE DIABETES…

It seems there’s increasing and constant negative or unnecessary suggestions and installations regarding diabetes – making mountains out of mole hills when things don’t need to be an issue – people have diabetes, they’re not overwhelmingly dumb struck!

When I was a kid thankfully  I wasn’t bombarded with all this obsession surrounding everything diabetes, so I loved Halloween and Christmas, I always manged my diabetes well and accordingly so I never thought anything of it, it was never an issue – My focus was just on enjoying the event in the best way possible, not on how many sugar free popsicles will there be and what can’t I have or what if blah blah happens; I just adapted accordingly and had fun; So Yes we need to raise awareness of the condition and give people the recognition they deserve managing diabetes 24/7 – BUT, and it’s a big BUT, it’s how we go about it!

So, one question …

Where does diabetes month primarily draw your focus- consciously, subconsciously, and even unconsciously – totally out of your awareness? It may even be something you’ve not even thought about, it’s that unconscious.

Well if your answer is that diabetes month prompts you to make a real difference and start looking at how you can reverse or dramatically improve your condition or help someone else to do this, creating real positive change – Then excellent, great stuff – I love diabetes month for this, a positive awareness and prompt! It also means you’ve bucked the trend, found your higher consciousness, and you’ll find some incredibly pertinent resources to help you achieve this throughout this article.


Whether you consciously realise it or not, diabetes month is essentially a fantastic opportunity to turn diabetes into ‘an issue’ for people who already know they have it, while simultaneously scaring the living daylights (I’m being polite!) out of those who might have it and realise they need to get tested. Which all leads to a pretty negative consumption of energy, attention and focus!

Come November the number of people who contact me or my practice because they feel depressed and despondent when it comes to their diabetes is exceptionally indicative of the sub/unconscious programming we get subjected to…

People contact me because my job in practice is to work with the mind and body, facilitating individuals in resolving psychological or physical challenges or conditions, or often both generally (as the two are inextricably linked). So when people contact me they generally know what is wrong or that something isn’t quite right, but they are often unaware as to why exactly this may be, or how to resolve the problem.

What’s interesting here is that when it comes to this serge in diabetes month, the reason people feel so down always pertains to the constant magnification of negative suggestion surrounding this condition – it’s basically negative hypnosis, so of course people don’t immediately realise why they so often feel the way they do, yet it has a significant effect both emotionally and physically!

So my real, critical point here is that we really do (in line with scientific principles) become and manifest what we deep down believe and are surrounded by; Unless we are consciously aware of this in order to wholeheartedly refute such negative suggestions.

And further food for thought on this matter is a fantastic point first made by Albert Einstein – and one which I love because it backs up my work and philosophy when it comes to diabetes and health in general… “We cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking in which it was created”

Meaning that we must start thinking differently- in this case, above and beyond the normal rhetoric surrounding diabetes; seeing this condition as much more than just the physical manifestation we only ever hear about … Rather we need to turn our attention to what can we do about it ourselves? What is the other level of thinking that we need to be aware of and be working on to positively make a difference and therefore experience different results?

Forget worrying about the complications of diabetes and all the ‘what if’s’ or what can’t I have, or how my life is restricted or riddled in routine and responsibility, or whatever else we’re negatively programmed to think about…

Forget all that because we get what we focus on and become consumed in it, in which case anyone would be depressed, and depression never helps diabetes management or reversal – that’s for sure!

On that note, we must therefore think beyond diabetes per se … creating a far greater focus and purpose in life than the ‘daily content of diabetes’, and turn our attention to thinking what CAN we do to STOP and reverse this condition? What’s our real purpose and intention in life that will give us ultimate fulfilment (restoring the deep sweetness in life as opposed to manifesting it metaphysically in the body) – Where is the place our focus needs to be to create positive change and how can we go about properly achieving this?

There’s seriously so much out there that society is unaware of – especially when it comes to health and healing! So much so that diabetes never need be a problem!

As ‘knowledge is power’ my job is to share with you one of the most powerful pieces of information known to man when it is properly understood and applied, and therefore help change the global perception and thinking around diabetes; Ultimately leading to the reversal of this condition, such that it becomes a problem of the past.

However, it seems a real, positive solutions approach to diabetes is seldom projected or reported – as noted above and no doubt magnified all month!

So, although I liken diabetes to running a company with umpteen different departments that all need to be harmoniously well managed to keep the company prospering – And of course this is an exceptionally important and responsible job; believe it or not, there are some very successful directors and CEO’s out there who need positive recognition and encouragement to keep prospering with diabetes ltd.!

In no uncertain terms, do they need subjecting to the mass generalisations that diabetes is soooooo dreadful to live with and therefore can only ever live in hope of a conventional cure – unless of course they subconsciously want to for reasons of secondary gain (like special attention, sympathy, being part of something etc.), in which case all this negative talk only exacerbates such a psychological barrier to full health and healing – which means either way this mass negative hypnotism surrounding diabetes serves no positive purpose at all!

It is therefore high time we put a stop to this and make diabetes month about creating ‘real’ positive change right now, especially in terms of what we can do as individuals – because that is where it all starts and ends – with ourselves, how we think – our personal mind-set, what we know and believe, and moreover what we do with this.

So, regarding diabetes month and any negative focus you witness – Please, please, please be aware of it and know that you can instead focus on the positive, pro-active, exciting approach; crucial because we do ultimately get what we focus on and deep down believe…

One small example to keep in mind, though I won’t get into the ‘vulnerable group flu jab’ circulars!! (You can read about that in my free sample chapters of mind body diabetes, chapter 1, p.29-30 if you’re interested).

But all I’m saying is 21+ years with no flu jab and 21+ years with no flu yet 23 years managing type 1 diabetes – is worth exploring!

Avoid being victim to the negative suggestions and learn a different way of thinking to get very different, positive and exciting results.

So, if any of this resonates and you seriously want to make a difference in diabetes month… DO something different… don’t just donate, do something yourself and make a difference personally right now…

Simply recommend, or visit and read or give a gift of the book “Mind Body Diabetes, A positive, powerful, and proven solution to stop diabetes once and for all – type 1 and type 2” to start thinking differently to get different results – emotionally and physically. Alternatively, you can find the book online at Amazon or in Waterstones and other good book stores throughout the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

It’s all out there for you already, if you want it – in which case it’s time to break free from the mould, break through boundaries, and go for it – just because you can and it’s far more fun than the alternative! Plus, you have wholly positive support and energy here when you need or want it ????

Best Wishes & Enjoy the Season,

Dr Em x